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LAM Aug 13 '17
Anyone who claims that the NBA preseason is meaningless clearly doesnt have much of a history with fantasy basketball. Cheap Swingman Rockets Jerseys . Those of us who play know better. Much better.As you know, a lot can change, and fast, when you consider the enormous impact of one big preseason injury.?That can alter the fantasy hoops landscape -- its no wonder the Top 200 rankings have to be adjusted so often!This October, we saw several instances of this.We saw it with Anthony Davis sprained ankle; the power forward has been dropped from?No. 9 to 11 as a result.?Given the renewed concern of another injury-plagued season, he is a first-round talent who is dropping into the second round in many fantasy leagues.Gordon Hayward, Reggie Jackson and Ben Simmons are the three others who drop considerably due to injury. Haywards broken finger is expected to keep him out of Utahs lineup until the end of November, causing him to fall to No. 46. Jacksons left knee tendinitis is likely to keep him out for five to seven?weeks, causing him to drop from No. 50 all the way to 82 while also elevating Detroits fill-in starting point guard Ish Smith from No. 175 to 123.And then theres Simmons, whose broken foot will likely keep him out of action until sometime in early 2017, thus ending his rookie of the year chances and dropping him all the way to No. 138. Simmons still makes sense at a higher part of the draft in dynasty leagues, but hes missing too much of the season to be chosen above that 130-140 range in redraft leagues.Here are the other big storylines since our last rankings update:Harden leapfrogs Westbrook for No. 1James Harden and Russell Westbrook are in a class by themselves as the top two fantasy options this season, but until now, weve always had Westbrook ahead of Harden. Not anymore. I explained recently the reasons why Harden now makes sense over Westbrook in category leagues that include 3-pointers, but it can be summed up with this:1. Harden is now eligible at two positions -- shooting guard and point guard -- while Westbrook is still only a point guard. The versatility that multi-position eligibility creates on draft day is a huge advantage for anyone who selects Harden over Westbrook.2. Westbrooks biggest edge over Harden last season was assists (2.9 more per game), but theres a good chance that gap closes now since Harden has more point guard responsibilities and Westbrook is without super-efficient future Hall of Famer Kevin Durant on the receiving end of his passes.3. Harden is a much greater presence from beyond the 3-point arc, and that advantage may grow in the fast-paced offense of new Rockets coach Mike DAntoni.Paul falls, Freak peaksChris Paul drops from No. 6 to 8, falling behind Kawhi Leonard and LeBron James. Weve listed the Los Angeles Clippers star point guard at No. 6 throughout the past two months, but he has continually been passed over for the likes of Leonard and James -- and often times Davis and DeMarcus Cousins -- so it was evident a slight adjustment was in order.Meanwhile, Giannis Antetokounmpo rises to his highest spot ever in the ESPN rankings, jumping past Davis to No. 10. While the Greek Freaks ceiling may be slightly lower than Davis if both log close to 82 games, theres no denying that Antetokounmpo is a more durable option who is the safer of the two options. Remember, Davis has yet to play more than 68 games in a season as he enters his fifth year in the NBA.Embiids riseOnly a couple of weeks ago, the general consensus was that Joel Embiid would need some time to ease his way into the rigors of the NBA following back-to-back missed seasons due to foot injuries. While that still may prove to be true, Embiid has wasted no time making his presence felt in the preseason, showing rare skills for a big man who is actually bigger than Detroits Andre Drummond. Embiid has moves down low, and his stroke looks great from beyond the 3-point arc. When you factor in his size (7 feet, 250 pounds) and athleticism, its easy to see why the 76ers thought enough of the relatively unproven talent to select him No. 3 overall in 2014. He moves up 31 spots from No. 130 to 99 on the updated rankings, and if Embiid can stay healthy, he has a chance to be one of the best bargains of the draft for anyone who takes him in this range.Other big movers:Kris Dunn, Minnesota Timberwolves (132 to 105)Eric Gordon, Houston Rockets (123 to 97)Jusuf Nurkic, Denver Nuggets (147 to 87)Dario Saric, Philadelphia 76ers (131 to 118)Ish Smith, Detroit Pistons (175 to 123)Return of ExumAfter missing all of the 2015-16 season, Utahs Dante Exum is fully recovered from ACL surgery on his left knee and highlights the list of newcomers to the Top 200. Any concerns of lingering effects from the lost season have been squashed during the preseason; Exum has looked like a totally different player than the wide-eyed rookie of two seasons ago. His scoring and passing have been on display throughout the preseason, propelling him to No. 157 in the rankings. In 2016-17, he looks to be one of the main guards in the Jazz rotation, along with George Hill, Alec Burks and Rodney Hood. Remember, were talking about a player who is still only 21 and two years removed from being the No. 5 overall pick in the 2014 NBA draft.Other new additions:Wilson Chandler, Denver Nuggets (146)Trevor Booker, Brooklyn Nets (153)Nemanja Bjelica, Minnesota Timberwolves (161)Solomon Hill, New Orleans Pelicans (167)Dwight Powell, Dallas Mavericks (168)Marquese Chriss, Phoenix Suns (172)Kelly Oubre, Washington Wizards (180)T.J. Warren, Phoenix Suns (194) Cheap Rockets Jerseys . -- Yogi Ferrell orchestrates pretty much everything in Indianas offence. Cheap Rockets Jerseys China . Newcastle dominated in the early stages but City weathered the storm and then raised its game in extra time. Negredo broke the deadlock from close range after a simple move in the 99th minute before Dzeko took the ball round goalkeeper Tim Krul to seal the victory in the 105th. http://www.cheaprocketsjerseys.com/ . This should be celebrated because it will not always be this way. With the amount of money given to players by their clubs these days, it is a wonder that so many of those teams allow the sport to continue to take away many of their assets so they can play for a different team in the middle of their season. Speaking for the first time since being found guilty of ball-tampering on Tuesday evening, South Africas stand-in captain Faf du Plessis used the first half of his pre-match press conference to continue to claim innocence. Du Plessis began with an explanation of what he considered the difference between altering the condition of the ball and merely looking after it, and that he firmly believed he was only doing the latter.Yesterday was the hearing and the verdict was that I was guilty. I completely disagree with that. I felt like I have done nothing wrong, du Plessis said. Theres two ways of looking at it, either ball-shining or ball-tampering. For me, if you talk about ball-tampering, that is something thats wrong. Its picking the ball, scratching the ball.Shining is something that all cricketers would say is not in that same space. It is something all cricketers do and I think there will be a lot of emphasis after this incident on where the game is going, what the ICC is going to do about it. I dont believe shining is wrong. Its not like I was trying to cheat or anything. I was shining a ball and I see no problem with that.Du Plessis admitted he had a massive mint in his mouth and was not trying to be insidious about what he was doing in using saliva that had mixed with the sweet to shine the ball, but he questioned why he would have escaped charge had his actions not been seen by television cameras. I wasnt trying to actually hide it, he said. I put a massive mint in my mouth and my mouth was that wide open. Whether you shine the ball with a sweet in your mouth or whether you dont see the sweet, and the sweet is still there, its exactly the same thing.And according to du Plessis, he has received enough support from both current and former players, including Australian captain Steven Smith, who in his own press conference said his team along with every other, shine the ball the same way, to know that it is commonplace in the game.The ex-players have spoken about it. Its part of our game. Its been an unwritten rule, du Plessis said. Some people use sunblock to shine the ball. I know of people who carry lip-ice in their pocket and shine the cricket ball or gum. So many things. Its just so difficult to say what is right and what is wrong. To say that when you have a sweet in your mouth, its wrong but when you have a sweet in your mouth and the camera doesnt pick up on it, its okay. Its just a really massive grey area.The everybody-does-it defense made headlines in the lead-up to du Plessis hearing, when footage emerged of Virat Kohli shining a ball when he appeared to have gum in his mouth, and David Warner shining a ball after applying lip-balm to his mouth. Neither Kohli nor Warner were charged - the visuals of their actions emerged after the ICCs five-day window for reporting incidents - and although du Plessis would not be drawn on whether they should have been, he asked for consistent application of the rules. I just ask that everyone gets treated the same way, he said. The ICC has taken a stance against me to use me as a scapegoat. All you can ask for is that everyone gets treated the same.He also, along with Cricket South Africa CEO Haroon Lorgat, who was present at the press conference, hoped there would be clarity on what constitutes an artificial substance, and believes his case could lead to thorough research into whether sugar can make the ball swing.Ninety percent of the time, cricketers have got sugary saliva, du Plessis said. Whether we are drinking Powerade, Coke, Gatorade, eating sweets, ssucking on jellies, our mouths are always full of sugar. Cheap Rockets Jerseys Authentic. Its such a grey area in the laws of cricket and its something that will be looked at. Us as cricketers, we think that it makes a difference but we are not scientists. We are not sure if it makes a difference. Its opened up a can of worms, whats going to happen now, going forward with the game. Something like this needed to happen to create a little bit more awareness on it.Lorgat confirmed that CSA will engage the ICC on the matter at the next cricket committee meeting but until then, du Plessis has asked not be branded underhanded and for the practice to be considered acceptable. Its never nice to be in a position like this because with ball tampering, its a really negative connotation that gets put to it and the term cheat has been thrown around and thats something I do not take lightly, he said.Its something I dont want to be associated with in any space and as I said, I felt I did nothing wrong. I was shining the cricket ball. Ive been doing that for my whole career and every single team I have played in does exactly the same thing and its not something thats frowned upon my anyone, not even the umpires. So to make such a big thing, I just think it was a little bit blown out of proportion by everyone.He has also thanked his team-mates for their united showing of support when Hashim Amla addressed the media at the MCG last Friday, with the entire squad alongside him. If you know the character of someone like Hashim Amla, you will understand that for him to go out and stand in front of the press and say the things that he said, he will feel very strongly about it. He is just the most honest guy on the planet so for him to say that means a lot, du Plessis said. Its speaks a lot about our culture and how we dont let any outside noise creep into our space.The noise may not have got in, but du Plessis has been warned to expect a hostile reception at the Adelaide Oval, perhaps from the opposition but definitely from the crowd. While he does not think Smith and co will have anything because he believes they do the same thing.I think the Aussies wont talk about it at all because they know thats part of their team as well. Its not been driven by the cricketers. You dont expect to go out there against Australia and walk out with a clap and welcome to the crease. Its part of playing against Australia, you expect that and thats something I have grown used to, he said, but challenged fans to understand his perspective. Im hoping that cricketing sense will be prevail. Its obviously something that if you are a cricketer and you understand cricket that this is not actually that big of a deal.With the ball in the spotlight, du Plessis tactics on shining the pink ball will come into focus but he has indicated it may not need as much work. The timing is perfect that its the pink ball. Apparently it swings more. It will be interesting to see how to shine the ball. I will probably just touch my finger like that and get a little bit of spit on it, he joked.And will he still use mints as the sugary substance of choice? Possibly just for bad breath now, not for shining the ball. I still the feel exactly the same way. Whether I was guilty or not, whether the sentence was different or not, I still feel exactly the same way. Maybe that needs to change now but possibly for this one game, I just maybe need to stay away from the mints. Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys China NFL Cheap Jerseys ' ' '