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LAM Aug 13 '17
Travis Kelce is looking for love, and the E! Network made a show about it. Cheap NBA Jerseys . Catching Kelce premiered Wednesday night, and follows the Kansas City Chiefs tight end as he embarks on a journey to find the woman of his dreams.The show is the latest incarnation of Bachelor-esque television, only its as if The Bachelor and the Miss USA Pageant had a baby.The program opened with 50 contestants, one representing each state, and each woman had 60 seconds to make a good first impression. From there, Kelce selected his top 20 to move on, and into the obligatory reality-show mansion.It feels like all the other looking for love series, in that sense. However, Catching Kelce makes The Bachelor look like a bastion of feminism. Which is no easy feat.Its not that the show isnt enjoyable. It is, in that Real Housewives kind of way. Theres drama, side-eyes and the sport of guessing which women will fare well. It has all of the hallmarks of a fun reality TV show, if you can stomach the other stuff.Perhaps the most infuriating part of the show is that for most of the first episode, viewers dont really learn the names of the women participating. Granted, introducing the names of 50 women is a lot, and only 20 of them actually end up having substantial?on-air time. But, did they really need to be referred to by their home state -- alone -- for the bulk of the first episode?The format isnt much better either. Kelce awards one person a group date, and the power to decide who will join her. Its a friends, enemies, or frenemies scenario?that will create excellent drama in the form of guaranteed cat fights.Setting aside feminist misgivings, Catching Kelce is also fun and interesting, which is par for the course in terms of dating shows. Kelce aims to expose many of the women to his offseason lifestyle, testing out how they handle parties and events. For those interested in what NFL players do off the field, this show provides a unique insight into that world.Perhaps the biggest surprise of the show is Kelce himself. The tight end is hilarious, and a total goofball. Hes easy on the eyes, and apparently out for a good time.?Catching Kelce is certainly entertaining and fun, but it shouldnt be let off the hook for some of its more unsavory and objectifying moments (hello gratuitous butt shots). It will be interesting to see who Kelce chooses, and if he really finds true love. Wholesale Raptors Jerseys . -- Arizona knocked off some quality opponents, rolled over a few overmatched ones and grinded out victories even when things didnt go so well. Cheap Raptors Jerseys China . -- Three close looks at the bucket, three misses. . Bryant, who signed a five-year, $34 million contract as a free agent with Cleveland in March, reported symptoms on Monday morning, a team spokesman said. ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- Linebacker Brandon Marshall said the Broncos want to kill Brock Osweiler -- metaphorically, of course. The Texans quarterback tried to kill his former teammates -- with kindness.The ex-Broncos QB said more than a dozen times during a conference call with Denver media Thursday that he had nothing but love, gratitude, respect or appreciation for his old teammates, organization, coaches, city and its fans.He conceded that maybe he should have chosen his words more carefully when he declared at his introductory news conference in Houston that he chose the Texans over the Super Bowl champs because they gave him the best opportunity to be successful.He defended his decisions to skip the Broncos White House trip and their ring ceremony last summer, saying he was too busy learning a new offense with a new team in a new city to celebrate Super Bowl 50 with them once again.And he said the reason he didnt attend Peyton Mannings retirement news conference was that he was on vacation but did reach out to his mentor, thanked him and wished him well.The Broncos (4-2) host the Texans (4-2) on Monday night in Osweilers first game against the team that drafted him in 2012 and groomed him to replace Manning only to watch him spurn them for Houstons four-year, $72 million offer, about $8 million higher than they were willing to pay.Osweiler, who went 5-2 when Manning was injured last year, said he understands fans shock at his departure from Denver but said leaving wasnt something he did lightly.Im not lying when I tell you, it was the hardest decision of my life, Osweiler said. It was the hardest decision because I have nothing but gratitude, love, respect, appreciation for not only the organization but the fan base, the entire city of Denver because everybody was nothing but great to me in my four years.Osweiler insisted that getting benched during the regular-season finale against San Diego and then watching the playoff run from the sidelines played no role in his decision to sign with Houston.He said he was frustrated at getting pulled at first but quickly came to accept the decision because coach Gary Kubiak always did what was best for the team and I trusted that and I believed in that.And then then final thing I would say on that topic, in the San Diego game, I got replaced by PEYTON MANNING. To make a playoff run. With a great football team. And I think any coach for that matter or any team in the National Footballl League, if they had Peyton Manning healthy and ready to play, I mean, I think we all know whos going to play in the game. Cheap Raptors Jerseys Authentic. He said his relationship with Broncos general manager John Elway was still great but he did take a shot at the Broncos for not making a contract offer until free agency was about to begin.Many former teammates say they dont begrudge Osweiler for leaving them.I dont think anybody in this locker room cares, honestly, that he left, Marshall said earlier this week. I think everybodys happy that he got his money. When youre a player in this league, youre happy when another player gets his money, when he gets what hes due. So, everybody in this locker room, nobody has any ill will toward Brock.But at the same time, its competition and we want to shut him down, just because its Brock. We know Brock. He came from here and we want to kill him.That comment has stirred a lot of reaction, but Osweiler said he doesnt feel like a marked man coming back to Denver.Osweilers departure 48 hours after Mannings retirement sent Elway and Gary Kubiak on a six-month search for Mannings successor . That ended up being Trevor Siemian, last years No. 3 QB.Osweiler said that while he enjoyed playing in Kubiaks system, the chance to play for Bill OBrien in Houston seemed like a phenomenal opportunity ... I was able to see Peyton play in similar systems in 2012, `13 and `14. Thats why he said the Texans gave him the best chance at success, he said.Asked what the Broncos could have done to keep him, he said: I really dont want to get into hypotheticals or anything like that. Bottom line, Denver had the opportunity to extend an offer. In fact, they had a great, very long period of time to extend an offer.They waited until Manning announced his retirement, and by then the Texans had decided they were going to outbid the Broncos and make Osweiler the crown jewel of the 2016 free agency class.Im not mad at him for anything, Super Bowl MVP Von Miller said. I want him to be the quarterback that the Houston Texans brought him in to be. I just want that much for Brock. I want the world for him -- just not on Monday.---AP NFL website: and AP NFL Twitter feed: AP Pro Football Writer Arnie Melendrez Stapleton on Twitter: Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys China NFL Cheap Jerseys ' ' '