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mary123 Oct 13 '17
The highly stacked Brooklyn Beatdown Street Fighter V tournament at ESL One just saw a major upset, and its of Disney Channel original movie-like proportions. Cam Talbot Oilers Jersey .Evolution 2016 champion Lee Infiltration Seon-Woo lost 0-2 against Sons of Asgards Thomas Brolynho Proen?a in the top 32 winners bracket.Brolynho takes the series in a dominating fashion from @infiltration85! #TBB ESL Street Fighter (@ESLSF) October 1, 2016The crowd went absolutely wild as the reigning World Champion succumbed to the unknown Brazilian.ESPN caught up with Brolynho after his win to get his take on what happened.Brolynho is a geophysicist from Rio de Janeiro, and even he had trouble putting into words what he had accomplished.I didnt expect it, Brolynho said. This is my first time in New York. This is my first time in North America.Using a combination of matchup knowledge, impeccable spacing and timing, Brolynho coerced Infiltration into playing his game rather than the other way around. I tried to control him in the large range or very close to him because [in the] middle range its very good for [Infiltrations character] Nash.It was far from a cakewalk for Brolynho. Infiltration can adapt very quickly.He did that actually in the second game, Brolynho said. [But then] I tried to be as fast as him. It worked.Brolynho was able to use his understanding of the Nash matchup to carve out a workable strategy.Against [my character] Necalli, its hard to throw fireballs, and its hard to get close to Necalli because of his solid light punch, he said. So, I tried to control him using my V-Skill and avoid him [throwing] fireballs against me.Infiltration understood how I was using my V-Skill, and was starting to be in a range to where my V-Skill doesnt reach him. But the problem on that is that he would go to the corner too fast because the V-Skill could be in any place that I want to use [it].Because Infiltration was backing himself into a corner to avoid Brolynhos V-Skill, the tactic worked to the Brazilians advantage.Brolynho doesnt believe that Infiltration was playing lightly or underestimating him; rather, he thinks Infiltration was having trouble adapting. In these games, its hard to change too much [in] your game in just two matchups or three matchups, Brolynho said.Brolynho conceded that the match could have gone the other way in a best-of-five. Even after his momentous win, Brolynho believes we should never doubt Infiltration. Andrew Ference Jersey . Carey Price didnt, but he still came out on top against one of his rivals for the No. 1 job at the Sochi Games. The Anahim Lake, B.C., native was stellar in making 39 saves in his home province and Lars Eller got credit for a bizarre short-handed winner as the Canadiens defeated the Canucks 4-1. Patrick Maroon Jersey . -- Team after team passed on Andre Ellington in the draft. . LeBron James and Chris Bosh didnt need any more. Williams scored 11 points in 10 minutes, Alan Anderson scored 17 points, and the Brooklyn Nets finished the exhibition season with a 108-87 win over the Miami Heat on Friday night. CHICAGO -- Dwyane Wade does not want to be viewed as a ring chaser.The Chicago Bulls guard made that clear a day after LeBron James acknowledged he tried to get his good friend to sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers over the summer.Listen, Im not ring chasing, Wade said with a laugh after Thursdays practice. I told you that. If I was ring chasing, it would be a different conversation. Im lucky, and Im blessed. Obviously, we talked. But it wasnt ... its cool to talk about certain things but 3.5 ... nothing wrong with $3.5 million, but ... nothing wrong with it all.Wade said James never tried to sell him and Chris Bosh on signing with the Cavaliers in the summer of 2010. All three All-Stars ended up signing -- or in Wades case, re-signing -- with the Miami Heat that summer.Absolutely not, Wade said. Financially, I dont think they could even be in the game if it came to that. I know they were trying to get Chris there in a trade at some point. Obviously, we met with a few different teams, but when it came to us figuring out we could play together, Miami put the monkey wrench in the whole thing when they came with the idea that they can get three players. We never thought it was possible. I was shocked when I heard it could happen.But I know LeBrons eyes were here. I know my eyes were here. I know Chris eyes were kind of everywhere because he was in Toronto so he was just happy that people knew who he was. Toronto was a little different than it is today. Obviously, everything happened the way it happened.In the midst of his 20-minute post-practice media session, Wade also discussed how James should be viewed in the context of all-time greats in the league. Wade told ESPN last week that he thought no player would ever surpass Michael Jordans legacy and that the best James could hope for was a tie.Its tough [to compare] because these guys are different players, Wade said. Were not talking the exact same player. Were talking about different players in different times. Even though everyone crossed paths, Kobe crossed paths with Jordan, Bron crossed paths with Kobe, all these guys, were talking about great, great players.My comment was, to me, as an individual person, Michael Jordan is my favorite basketball player of all time. No one is ever going be my favorite like Michael Jordan. And understanding the time that were in today, the time Jordan was in, helps that as well. I didnt know a lot about MJ, all this stuff thats going on about players and everything we get to talk about, I didnt see none of that about Michael. So even to this day, hes still a superhero from that standpoint. Its just a total different time. For me, LeBron James is -- I thought at one point when we came in the leaague, Kobe Bryant was the greatest player in our era. Edmonton Oilers Hoodie. Thats who we all strived for. Thats who we all looked up to to try to get [to that level].LeBron, when its all said and done, when his career is over, yes, hes arguably a top-three player of all time. And depending on what era you grew up in, you can decide whos one, whos two, whos three. But no one is going have a perfect [order]. All the numbers is not going to match up. Some players dont think Michael Jordan is the greatest. You go back to Bill Russell, you go back to Kareem [Abdul-Jabbar]. [Theres] so many players that can be [in the discussion]. I just felt that, for me, how much higher can you go? LeBron James could win 10 championships. That doesnt make you a better player. Hes as great as it gets, so now [the media] decides the rankings. But for me, Michael Jordan is my No. 1 favorite player of all time.Bulls coach Fred Hoiberg echoed Wades sentiments, saying he would put James on his Mount Rushmore of the games greats.You talk about versatility in basketball players and players that make those around them better, Im not sure theres too many in the game ever that have made their surrounding cast better players, Hoiberg said. You look at what happened a couple years ago, they had so many injuries to key guys and theyre still playing in the Finals. Its a testament to LeBron and what he can do as a basketball player.Hes such a tough cover because of his size, strength, his passing ability, unselfishness, and just his power and athleticism. That block he had in Game 7 at Golden State is one of the best plays Ive ever seen, the way he covered ground like he did. Hes an unbelievable basketball player, great instincts. I think the best thing you can say about him is how much he makes those around him better.As great as James is, Hoiberg knows that if Jordan played in todays game, with todays rules, he would dominate more than ever.The thing Ive always said about Jordan, if he would have played in todays era with the handcheck rule the way it is, he would have shot over 20 free throws every night, Hoiberg said. He was impossible to stay in front of. But when Jordan played, you could hold guys, you could grab them, you could be more physical with them. In my opinion, Michael Jordan is the best ever to put on a uniform. Theres really no debate. I think if you ask most people, [they would] give you that same answer.As far as LeBron is concerned, Id absolutely put him up there, as far as the Mount Rushmore. Again, hes so versatile, hes such a tough cover, he can guard. He does everything. Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys ChinaNFL Cheap Jerseys ' ' '